Kawaii Squishies -This is an adorable product that girls will absolutely love! Kawaii means “adorable or cute” in Japanese, and Kawaii squishies are quite possibly the most adorable of all! Cute little toys made of soft “squishable” foam, they come in tons of styles and sizes and often are food themed. Many of the Kawaii squishies have attached strings or chains allowing them to become cute backpack or keychain accessories. Open one up and give it a SQUISH…it’s addictive!
Other Kawaii notables are Hello Kitty (one of the earliest icons of Kawaii style) and Harajuku style dolls (based on the Kawaii style fashions of the teens on Harajuku street in Japan). Kawaii originally started with teenage girl drawings in Japan but has become a worldwide phenomenon, embraced by girls of all ages!

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