Pusheen Cat Plush – Pusheen is one of the cutest stuffed animal available in the market and very popular among girls of all ages. Pusheen was created as a comic character but has since take on the internet and evolved as a cute animate tabby cat that’s all fuzzyy fun, and found all over the internet as funny animated GIFs. We all love Pusheen, she watches TV/Netflix, eats junk food, sleeps or lies around most of the times. Pusheen cat plush is one of the cutest stuffed animal and is very popular among girls of all ages and is a perfect gift for girls for any occasion. It is also popular as birthday gift. Below you will find a wide range of Pusheen products by GUND. Buy Pusheen the cat plush, pillow, unicorn, mermaid, hoodie/t-shirt, book and calendar.
What is the Pusheen cat?
Pusheen is a comic character “cute cat”, created by artists Clare Belton & Andrew Duff and featured on the web comic “Everyday Cute”. The comic was launched in May 2010, and ever since Pusheen has warmed up our hearts and brought laughter to millions around the world with her signature GIF bounces, animated bops, and tail wiggles.
Is Pusheen a girl or a boy?
The comics “Everyday Cute” revolved around the lives of the characters Pusheen and Carmen, modeled after the creator’s dog named Carmen and a chubby gray & tabby cat which was given the name “Pusheen” after she was adopted from an animal shelter.
What is the meaning of Pusheen?
Pusheen is a mondified form of an Irish word “puisin” (English meaning “kitten”).
Who created Pusheen?
Pusheen was created by artists Clare Belton and Andrew Duff as a character in their webcomic “Everyday Cute”.
Where does Pusheen live?
Pusheen live in a hour with her Mom and Dat and mostly seen laying on a couch or under one’s feet.
What are Pusheen’s favorite pastime?
Pusheen love to Blog, but her all time favorite pastime is sleeping.
What is Pusheen’s best feature?
Her toe beans
What is Pusheen’s favorite food?
Pusheen loves food, all of them.
Is there a Pusheen book or movie?
Clare Belton released a Pusheen stories and skech book in 2012, titled “I Am Pusheen the Cat” and is available on this store.
How do I get in touch with Pusheen?
Pusheen has her own website, Facebook page, Twitter & Instagram pages.
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/Pusheen
Twitter – https://twitter.com/Pusheen
Instagram – http://instagram.com/pusheen
What is Pusheenbox?
Pusheenbox is a subscription services that offers mystery Pusheen goodies box delivered to you door every quearter. It’s easy to sign up for a plan and receive official Pusheen exclusive and pre- release Pusheen goodies!
What are some of the most popular Pusheen items available today?
You can purchase all pushing items like Pusheen Pastel Plush, Pusheen Coloring Book, Pusheen the Cat 2017 Wall Calendar, Pusheen Cat Face Backpack, GUND Pusheen Plush Slippers, Gund Pusheen Blind Box and so much more.

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