This is THE toy right now, and is almost like a pet for girls! It is a fun experience for girls as they will get to observe and take care of an adorable creature.
Hatchimals are special interactive creatures that live in their own eggs. Every egg contains one adorable Hatchimal. There are currently 5 versions of Hatchimals: Pengualas (happy, quirky, fun), Dragimals (shy and loveable), Burtles (super sweet with butterfly wings), Owlicorns (with beautiful crystal nests), and Bearakeets (spunky and energetic).
Show your special egg lots of love and attention to make its eyes glow while it makes little sounds that show how it’s feeling! Hold it close to hear its heartbeat. Tap a little rhythm and your Hatchimal will tap back! After a bit of consistant care and attention, the eye color will switch to multicolored, indicating that your egg is ready to hatch! Your Hatchimal will need lots of encouragement to hatch. Lots of loving touches tell them to peck their way out of the egg! Watching your baby Hatchimal emerge from its egg is an amazing experience! But your job isn’t over yet…your new Hatchimal needs you to teach it how to grow through 3 stages, from baby to toddler, to kid. Your Hatchimal will sing a special version of “Hatchy Birthday” as it progresses to each new stage!Teach your own special Hatchimal to walk, talk, dance, play games and more! Enjoy listening to your Hatchimal imitate your own words with its adorable voice! Hatchimals are designed for children ages 5+. Your Hatchimal requires 2 AA batteries which are included, along with an instruction booklet and reference guide.

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