The ultimate luxury for girls of all ages! Bath bombs come in a wide variety of styles and colors. The fizzy swirl of colors makes for a glorious bath experience as you soak in a watercolor painting of swirls! Some bath bomb varieties even include special treats or flower petals. Choose your favorite scent, pop one in the tub and enjoy!!
What are bath bombs used for?
Bath bombs are the new craze popular among kids and adults of all ages alike. These fizzy bath balls come in a variety of packages that may include 1 or mutiple bath bombs, color combination, choice of scent etc. making you bath experice fun and enjoyable. Also is a great gift for any occasion.

Are bath bombs safe?
Like anything else, bath bombs are safe if they are made with ingredients that are safe and not cause any skin irritation. Picking the right bath bomb product brand will ensure that you are buying the highest quality product that’s been tested and approved for general use. Extra precuations should be taken when you are using bath bomb in kids’ bath. There are some great kids bath bomb sets available, e.g. Sky Organics Bath Bomb Set for Kids or Two Sisters Spa Bubble Bath Bomb Set for Kids.
Why does a bath bomb fizz in water?
The bath bombs fizzes in water as two main ingredients, cirtic acid and baking soda, react in water and release gas which appears as a fizz.
How do you make bath bombs?
Bath bombs can be made at home, the main ingredients are citric acid, corn starch and baking soda. Sprinkle in some color and/or essential oils, and you have one of a kind personal bath bomb. See our blog article How to Make Personal Bath Bombs to learn the details on how you can make a bath bomb at home.
How many times can you use a bath bomb?
You can only use a bath bomb once as once you drop it in the water, it dissolves completely in a few minutes. It’s recommended to wait 5 minutes before getting in the tub.
Can you buy a bath bomb with ring?
Just like jewelry candles , some bath bomb brands are available that have jewelry like rings, earings, charms etc., for example, Frozen Bath Bomb With Surprise Inside or Hello Kitty Fizz Bath Bomb with Charm Inside . Some companies are also using this as a marketing tool where you can purchase a $15 bath bomb that could contain a ring inside and give you a change to win a $100-$5000 ring.
Do bath bombs expire?
Bath bombs are more effective when they are fresh. Most bath bombs have a efficacy of 20 days, but they do not have any ingredients which will expire.
What is a lustre in a bath bomb?
Lustres are now used instead of glitter for environmental reasons – glitter does not decompose. Lustres are made from natural products.
Can bath bombs be used on sensitive skin?
Although most bath bombs do not contain any skin irritants and are made of natural ingredients and essential oils, those with bubbles do contain sufectants which can irritate the skin.
How long do I wait before entering the tub with a bath bomb?
Most bath bombs will completely dissolve within 5 minutes.
How do I remove residue from a bath bomb?
Residue can be removed easily with a shower gel or tub/shower cleaner.

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