Little girls who are older toddlers (ages 2-3) love to practice their large motor skills as well as their fine motor skills. Active toys are great choices for your little ladies at this age. Fine motor skills practice help them to develop skills like holding a pencil, so any toy that encourages pinching finger skills or lacing cards, etc. are excellent for developing those fine motor skills. Little girls age 3-5 are starting to develop skills in social play. Creative, imaginative toys like dress up sets, dolls, etc. are loved by girls in this age group. As your young darling starts to play with friends, she will also learn about beloved characters from television and books that her friends love to play with. Don’t forget the tech toys too! All little girls love playing with tech toys and imitating Mom and Dad with their own computers and cell phones! There are superb toys that encourage learning as they play. Don’t forget to check recommended age suggestions as you search for that perfect gift!

Outdoor and active play are becoming increasingly vital for today’s youth. Providing quality outdoor and active play toys encourages children to get up off the couch, to put down the electronics and seek creative, active forms of play and exercise. Find excellent choices for outdoor play and active play, here at Top Gifts for Girls!

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