Net Activation Library.dll Simcity 5 3.66 MB

Net Activation Library.dll Simcity 5 3.66 MB

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Net Activation Library.dll Simcity 5 3.66 MB

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simcity5 – You got to ask for a refund! But, well, this is still pretty good. Donations support the comic, game, and t-shirt creation. Hopefully you like the item, and if you do buy through this link, you can give yourself some support.Today the Earth Climate Summit 2012 begins in Durban, South Africa, where the promise of billions of dollars in climate aid and funds for clean energy projects are on the table. You’ve probably heard the reports of how the conference is just about enriching the bottom line of the UN, while giving a nod to environmental concerns. Those environmental concerns are important, but not if we are going to accept the notion that the Earth is not dying.

Governments are willing to invest in clean energy, sure, but they’re not willing to do anything that contradicts the flow of money. On the first day of the conference, we’ve seen energy companies and trade associations put up display tents and booths that show that there is no crisis here, so long as the world continues to spend money on resources. Governments will tend to accept that, and the European Union has insisted on putting a good faith effort in this direction.

Unfortunately, I think this attitude has spread over to supporters of the Paris treaty and the Copenhagen treaty. In 2007, the number of country’s in which CO2 came from power plants alone reached a peak of 50. They’ve been below 40 or so for years, and in the United States, it’s down to 31. Many of those countries use fossil fuels for heat, and so they have the same problem as we do. On the other hand, they are the countries with the largest incomes, they’re the countries most likely to help themselves out with investment in clean energy.

A few weeks ago, the Center for a New American Security came out with an analysis of the world as it stands, with an optimistic outlook. The key point was the insight that while the global economy is changing, the world is not ending. There’s a concentration of carbon in oil and coal, and so more development of clean energy will mean that we’ll get more energy while employing fewer people to do so. The rich will continue to get richer while the global economy grows.


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