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MovieRescuer is a straightforward backup solution for anyone who feels that it’s time to transfer movies from old DVDs or Blu-ray discs to their hard drives for safekeeping. With it, besides the mentioned discs, it can also extract and relocate contents from IFO and ISO files.
To backup a disc or image file all you have to do is load it into the application, yes, MovieRescuer can handle both sources at the same time, then choose the titles from a list, set the destination folder for the newly copied items and then click the copy button.
It’s all very simple and there are no setbacks except for the time you have to wait until the application finishes its job.
No settings to lose yourself through
As far as movie backup tools go, MovieRescuer is as basic as they get. Besides choosing the source files and destination path for the copies, there isn’t anything else you can do. So, in essence, MovieRescuer is a piece of software for those who don’t want to or don’t know how to get into other details.

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MovieRescuer Crack+ With Key [Latest-2022]

MovieRescuer is a program that can rescue your DVD or BD movie from your original place, and backup movies onto CD or hard drive. There are four formats of movies: AVI, MPEG-1/2/4, M2TS, DivX. It will be used by any user without any limitation of operation time.
MovieRescuer has a powerful archiving function for DVD’s and Blu-ray. It can merge two Blu-ray discs into one complete Blu-ray disc. It can also insert the audio track or sub title track to the main movie. It can play DVD’s or Blu-ray discs in full screen mode. It supports the mp3, wma and wav audio format and can save the audio track and sub title track as mp3, wma or wav format.
Main Features of MovieRescuer:
+ Full support for DVD and Blu-ray video.
+ Support for 4 DVD/BD formats: AVI, M2TS, DivX and MPEG-1/2/4.
+ Supports “cut mode” to split a DVD/BD without quality loss.
+ Supports “join mode” to join two or more DVD/BDs without quality loss.
+ Support for 4 Blu-ray formats: TS/M2TS/MTS/MA/MPA.
+ Support for any chapter of any movie without quality loss.
+ Supports input file while output file can be customized.
+ Supports hot backup to hard disk.
+ Supports batch backup with one or more DVD/BD disc.
+ Supports sync to iPhone, iPod, iPad, PSP, PS3, Zune, Xbox 360.
+ Support multi-thread backup.
+ Support for system tray icon.
+ Support keyboard shortcuts.
+ Support for progress bar.
+ Supports password.
+ Supports window close on double click.
+ Support for ‘Wizard’ button to make it more easy to use.
+ Supports multi languages to make it more user-friendly.
+ Supports English, French, Spanish, German and Chinese.
+ Output any format of the input file without quality loss.
+ Supported any chapter of any DVD or Blu-ray.
+ Supports to merge and split a DVD/BD disc without quality loss.
+ Supports to encode any subtitle into any format and convert any audio format.
+ Supports to set the video mode into full screen.
+ Supports to

MovieRescuer Crack+ Registration Code [32|64bit]

MovieRescuer is a simple, easy-to-use tool which makes it possible to backup DVD movies on your hard drive and transfer them to different formats, such as ISO, VOB, M2TS and others. If you are tired of losing your DVDs, this program will create a backup of your DVDs in lossless MPEG-4 container to your computer in just minutes.
MovieRescuer is a direct DVD backup tool and so it provides solutions for you when you lose your DVD collection or just want to make copies of your DVDs and movies for safe keeping on your computer. You can select source and destination DVD, DVD folder (burn, backup, copy…) and all operations are performed in a user-friendly interface. The program will also be able to extract data from ISO or IFO files in case you have a DVD image backup available.
It’s easy, just choose the source DVD/CD, choose the destination (where you want to save) and select the output format. The program will take care of the rest.
You can use MovieRescuer as a standalone utility, with the following benefits:
1. Movies and photos backups.
2. You can copy your DVD discs and images to output formats directly.
3. You can copy your IFO files to ISO images.
4. When needed, you can move your discs and images to another computer.
5. When needed, you can check your drive contents.
What’s New in This Release:
– some fixes.
What is new in version 1.0.5:
– some fixes.
What’s New in Version 1.0.4:
– some fixes.
What’s New in Version 1.0.3:
– some fixes.
What’s New in Version 1.0.2:
– some fixes.
What’s New in Version 1.0.1:
– some fixes.
What’s New in Version 1.0.0:
– initial release.
(main) This program is a remake of DVDImageExtractor, a program which used to be distributed as freeware for more than ten years on the Internet ( At that time, it was distributed as freeware because of copyright issues. Now it’s Copyrighted by the author but it’s still free. Thanks to its author for his effort and permission to use the program.
(contributions) Hello!

What’s New in the?

+ Backup your favorite movies, TV series and anime episodes from hard drive to hard drive.
+ Includes a comprehensive movie backup application for XAVC, XAVC-S, AVCHD, DivX, MP4, AVI, WMV, MPG, WMA, AVS, ASF, MP3, WV and JPEG formats.
+ Supports most disc formats like BD, DVD, VCD, HD-DVD, SVCD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, Blu-ray, DVD+R, DVD+RW, Bluray-R and Bluray-RW.
+ Work as proxy server between NAS and computer to back up your movies.
+ Supports iPhone and iPod Touch, iPad, Android mobile, PS3, Xbox 360.
+ Allows you to backup to cloud servers: Dropbox, Google Drive, Yahoo! drive, SkyDrive, iCloud, OwnCloud, OneDrive,,, Yandex disk, MegaDrive, Mediafire, SkyDrive.
+ Supports a wide range of different file formats: Avi, Divx, Xvid, MPEG, x265, XAVC, HDMV, M2TS, AVI, etc.
+ Supports Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista.
+ For Mac users, it also can back up to the standard Mac account and iCloud.
+ How it works? It works by the following steps: it will first create a playlist to choose the backup source, and then it will extract the source files from disc(s)/image to the backup target.
+ Supports several transfer processes: direct transfer, watch as backup and auto backup.
+ It’s very easy to use: simply load the source file to the source folder, set the target folder to be used for the backup, click the start button.
+ Time and source track information are saved and then restored.
+ Supports English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Russian, Korean, Japanese, German, Italian, Portuguese and Hungarian languages.
+ As for the latest versions, it’s more stable, more powerful and more powerful.
+ Main features:
# You can backup DVD/Blu-ray discs, ISO/IFO images and image files, and transfer to files to hard drive.
# It can help you convert/encode/copy your old files to new formats with great quality.
# You can back

System Requirements:

The average CPU (in CORE COUNTS) is made up of 4-7 cores and 8-12 threads. We recommend the use of an Intel Core i5 or i7, with a minimum of 4GB of RAM.
Recommended Speeds:
The best CPU (in MEGAPHONES) is made up of 16-32 Threads and 256-512GB of RAM. We recommend the use of an Intel Core i9, with a minimum of 16GB of RAM.
The Verdict:
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