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I want to the 2nd level is that if I create many objects in the 1st level, how to make sure that I have the same number of objects in the 2nd level?
Here is the example I have in mind.


You can use a dictionary to save the counts:
file_counts = {}
for d in hxsfile:
for name, info in d.items():
file_counts[name] += 1

This will save what you’ve done to each file, without saving it to your file system.
When you loop through your file, you can then check if you have already saved that file or not:
for i in range(3):
for name, info in hxsfile:
if name in file_counts:
# if you have saved this file, move the counter to your dict
file_counts[name] += 1

file_counts[name] = 1

From there, you can display your counts:
for n, c in file_counts.items():
print(‘{} has files with {} occurrences’.format(n, c))

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The Meadowlark WetBar

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04-05 11:16 PM

We have been officially rejected by USCIS. Just got the denial letter about 2 weeks ago. We got the “C” notice on 21 Aug. We will be contacting USPIS for Pending Fixe.

I would like to share my wife and I experience. I immigrated to US by H4 process. But during EAD process, her SSN got mismatch in SSA database. SSN has changed due to Federal change of SSN program. She/He filed I-129 and received Green Card so far. I told me go ahead and file an I-485. She stop the process because of my job. Now I want to build a good relationship with my wife. I have good pay and make good money. I want the family. But now, it seems that my wife want to leave with me without the Green Card. She keep saying, “People are very nice in India. They are nice to their family. We can live peacefully without having Green Card”. She always talk to me.

I try hard to give my everything to my wife as a husband, but she seems like she is unhappy. I don’t want to lose my family. What should I do? She wants to go to India and live with her parents, but she has no money. My family want to provide more money so that she go to school. but she always think that India is like a heaven and cannot live here.

I can’t get any idea to get out of this situation.


04-12 12:09 PM

The only reason to study is for society (economic reasons), one who want to change life, profession (yes you can change profession, to develop your


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