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Connecting iPhone wifi hotspot in iPhone application

Is it possible to connect iPhone wif hotspot from iPhone application by using Wifi network?
I will be using the iPhone wifi hotspot connection to upload some data to server.


You can’t use the iPhone’s built-in hotspot to connect to a server. If you want to use iPhone’s hotspot instead of a 3G connection, you have to use your own open network with your own configuration (and possibly with some authorization). You can read more about that on the Apple help page about using iPhone for mobile network access:

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iTunes Backup Password Recovery Keygen is a program that can help you to recover iCloud. iTunes Password – How To Recover An iTunes Backup – GetReset – Free Download: For the past few weeks, I’ve been getting calls from all over the world and all I hear when they start talking is, “Itunes Backup Password?”

The new version is a powerful tool to recover data from iTunes. After spending the last few weeks getting as many calls as possible from “Itunes Backup Password!” I came up with this Windows utility to help.

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How can I setup jqgrid to update all of the fields in an ember handlebars template instead of just the first?

Thanks for any help. I have an edit button in my ember template. When the edit button is clicked, a modal view comes up, where the user enters some values (call them firstname and lastname). I would like for these values to be submitted to the server as soon as the user hits ok on the modal dialog and the ok button is clicked.
Here is the button tag in the template:

Here is the code to my modal in the template that creates the edit button and the modal dialog:


{{view Ember.TextField valueBinding=”firstname” class=”form-control” placeholder=”First name” required=”true” type=”text”}}

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