Finding the Perfect Gift For a Girl

 How do you find the perfect gift for girls? When choosing a perfect gift for a girl child, there are tons of choices to sort through.  While the dolls, hula hoops, and baking sets are all still wonderful options, girls today also have electronics, building sets, and STEM science kits on their must-have lists.  So how do you choose a perfect gift for her?




First you need to consider the girl and her taste preferences.  Is she an animal lover? Does she play sports? Perhaps she’s mathematically minded and loves complex puzzles.  Knowing her tastes will help you narrow down your search, and will save you precious hours of sifting through loads of toys.  Some great gifts for animal lovers are veterinarian pretend play sets, stuffed animals and books about animals.  Sports minded girls will enjoy gifts related to their favorite sport, or jewelry commemorating that sport.  Girls who love being in the kitchen will like baking sets, chef pretend play sets and cookbooks designed for kids.



Another consideration is that many girls like to play with electronics and video games.  There is a plethora of electronic games geared for girls.  Every video game console out there has games for girls that range from taking care of pets to fashion design.  There are also great new STEM teaching sets such as Goldiblocks and Project MC2 that cater to girls’ tastes.


If your young lady is in school, she may come in talking about toys that are “all the rage”.  Shopkins, Fidget Spinners, Pusheen and Slime are a few of the latest fads in toys for both boys and girls.  Books, plush animals of these characters, or figurine models are a great way to acknowledge their love for the latest trends.



Ask yourself, how old is the girl you are giving the gift to?  Make sure to pay attention to the age guidelines on the toys.  There’s nothing quite like a 12-year old girl receiving an Elmo puzzle.  If you choose a gift above the age of the child, they won’t be developmentally able to use the gift.  If you choose a gift below the age of the child, they will be offended and won’t appreciate the gift.  The manufacturers are very good about providing the age range guidelines on their packaging, so make sure to check for them before you make your purchase!


Of course, you will also need to take into consideration how much you are wanting to spend for the gift.  No matter if your budget is big or small, you can find excellent gifts for all ages at all price ranges.  Don’t think that you can’t find a great gift if you’re on a tight budget.


A great gift for young ladies in their tweens and teens is a nice piece of jewelry or a bath bomb gift set.  Young ladies love to be pampered, so indulge them with a nice light perfume or even a gift certificate for a facial or massage!


If you’re buying for a baby or toddler girl, you will want to keep the gift developmentally appropriate.  Again, there check guidelines on the packaging that tell the age range for each toy.  Make sure there are no choking hazards like little button eyes on stuffed animals, or strings that can get tangled around the child’s neck.  There are so many fabulous options for  young children that you can easily find a great gift for any age girl.

With just a little consideration and looking around, you can find options for any age and any budget.  With tons of choices in every category imaginable, it’s really not hard to find the perfect gift for girls!

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