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Eligibility: Valid for all current and future Citrix Technologies Certifications. Is 6 Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp 6.5 required to upgrade previous  .FORMER NDP MP Paul Dewar says he is applying for a pardon, after he was convicted of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old girl in Ontario’s Bathville in 1989.

Dewar, 58, has been out of politics since he was tossed out by then-New Democrat premier Bob Rae after spending six days in jail for the incident.

As Dewar begins his legal and personal odyssey, Rob and Myra MacEachern are kicking up a fuss over the provincial government’s abolition of the registry. (CBC)

“I have wanted to get my life back, I’ve been trying to do that, as I think any father of a young son would,” Dewar, a father of three boys, told CBC News.

“When there are institutions like the registry, that are ridding itself of the information of (assault) offenders so that I as a parent could not access that information, when that institution is being dismantled, they have got to start prosecuting those individuals who are out there today.

“One of my goals is to get


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Ask HN: What is your secret to happiness? – cbviewer
I have a question specifically towards anyone who has learned to be happy in their life and maintained it (or is happy).
You are driven by habits that tend to be consistent over time. Things like
good friends and family, a pleasing or fulfilling job, regular exercise,
going to church/synagogue.

All of these make up a single axis. But in the event that one or more of them
drop, the others will pick up the slack, though it can sometimes feel like a
loss if you stay for too long.

Slowing down and to focus on the present. It helps to ignore the daily news,
other news sources and improve spending more time with family and friends.

Helping others and being happy that you can help.

Be sure you are doing it for the right reasons though. If it is for material
gain, you can become incredibly unhappy.

Surround yourself with positive people. Don’t sleep on relationships, and make
sure that you’re a positive human being.

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate
on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”

― Robert Brault

This is what I’ve found over the years:

* eating well is better than working out. I mean, yeah, working out is good and all, but if you eat well, you can take more hits without getting tired.

* exercise is good,


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